Fascination of sound

Aiming extreme perfect and best
user experience

Thousands of improves makes is perfects.


Design & Thinking

No exaggerate
"Apollo pattern, a symbol of wisdom"
24k gold planted keys
Easy operation

Breath LED

The pulse of life

Volume knob

24k gold planted volume knob easy operating for both hands

Apollo pattern

Apollo pattern, a symbol of brightness and music


General Spec

Material aero grade aluminum LED 1.8 inch color-OLED160*128 Communication USB 3.0 Output headphone (3.5mm) Line-out (3.5mm) Size 60 x 104 x 25.4 mm
(W x H x D)
Weight 280g Battery 22Wh Li-Polymer Battery Jitter 5ps (Typ) Firmware Update Supported Storage SDHC / SDXC
(2TB max)


DSD format DSD64(2.8M,1BIT) / DSD128(5.6M,1BIT) File format:DFF / DSF / ISO FLAC / APE / WAV / AAC / ALAC / MP3 /WMA / M4A / WavePack Playback duration 12 hours Output power 500mW@32 Ohm Per Channel
DAC chip TI PCM1792 Headphone amp TILME49600 Core processor ADI Blackfin 514 DSP Samplerate PCM 8kHz-192kHz / DSD 2.8MHz DSD 5.6MHz

Headphone output

Freq response range ±0.06dB (20~20kHz)
±1dB (5~50kHz)
THD+N (THD+N):0.00036%@1kHz
(20~20kHz, A-weight, no load)
SNR 120dB (20~20kHz, A-weight)
Dynamic Range 121dB@1kHz
(20~20kHz, A-weight)
Channel Crosstalk -119dB Output Level +15 dBu(high gain)
0 dBu(low gain)

Line output

Freq response range ±0.06dB (20~20kHz)
±1dB (5~50kHz)
THD+N (THD+N):0.00036%@1kHz
(20~20kHz, A-weight,no load)
SNR 120dB (20~20kHz, A-weight)
Dynamic Range 121dB@1kHz
Channel Crosstalk -119dB Output Level + 9 dBu