Eternal pursuit

Aiming extreme perfect and best
user experience

PAW 6000 Reference portable Hi-Fi audio player
PAW 5000 MKII A good voice needs no embellishment.
PAW Pico Always Catch Your steps
PAW Gold Touch Reference Portable Hi-Fi Audio player
PAW Gold 2017 The real Hi-End
PAW 5000 Redefine music player

Professional, so excellent

Over 20 years of experiences in world's top quality recording R&D

PAW-V Full function Pro-recorder
PAW-VE Born for recording
L300E Redefine entry level Pro-recorder
LS50 Quasi-professional handheld recorder
LS30 Pro-consumer recorder
L300 Entry level Pro-recorder

Craftsman's spirit

Every detail has been in many trials before it to be determined.

L300  Leather case
PAW Gold Leather case
PAW 5000 Arm belt
PAW V&VE Leather case