More vivid than ever

Born to be natural

Born to be designed to meet powerful function and usability Modeling thinking but become simple and complex Simply do not need to deliberately pursue the curve or shape of the design Complex is every body every key to be repeated to test its interactive, reliability This is the right design

Array microphone

High sensitivity High-end stereo sound quality Enhancing voice quality while inducing environment noises

Craftsman’s spirit

Every detail have been in many trials before it to be determined

Stable and reliable

Continuous recording up to 15 hours 15 years lifetime Full-metal body for better anti-interference capacity



Storage medium SDHC/SD/Mini SD(Adapter)/
micro SD(Adapter)/
SNR(MIC channel) 90dB
(Mic channel+ 19dB
20Hz to 22KHz,A weighted)
(1KHz -5dBFS)
<0.02%(bandwidth 22Hz~22KHz) SNR(playback) 94dB
(bandwidth 20Hz~22KHz,A weighted)
Sample rate 44KHz,48KHz,96KHz
MIC EIN >122dB A weighted Dynamic range (Line input) >90dB Compression type PCM,MP3 Frequency response range 20Hz ~40KHz,+-0.5dB

Physical Characteristics

Size 62.6 x 103 x 22.5
(W x H x D)
Weight 96.5g (battery not included)
Operation humility 20%~80% Operation temperature -15℃~70℃

Inputs & Outputs

Built-in MIC filter 20Hz~40KHz,100Hz~40KHz External MIC filter 20Hz~40KHz / 100Hz~40KHz Headphone Max output 30mW (left) + 30mW (right) (16Ω) MIC IN 3.5 mm stereo MIC jack connector LINE IN 3.5mm unbalanced stereo Line jack connector USB USB2.0 SD card SD v1.0/v1.1/v2.0:SD,SDHC
Built-in MIC Max gain 65dB Built-in MIC Min gain 19dB External MIC Max gain 65dB External MIC Min gain 19dB Built-in MIC built-in stereo MIC Stereo headphone output 3.3.5mm stereo jack connector Line Max input level +17dB

Power supply

Power Consumption 3V, Max 120mA
(measuring condition: sandisk 2GB SDHC)
External USB miniUSB jack
Battery 2 × 'AA' dry or rechargeable batteries