Everything we do only for creating perfect recording quality

Comprehensive design

The size and layout of buttons make wearing gloves possible.The reliability and selection range of storage medium enhanced with high capacity.Leather cover make your hand warmer and reduce frictional noises.


One click operating recording level Recording disturbance reduced perfectly with Custom Mute key
and special structure design
Recording and Hi-end monitoring simultaneously

Pro port

Lavalier microphone , shotgun microphone,
Boundary Microphone, sound mixing
console, telephone can be connected

One click function

Mic gain:

Easy adjusting mic sensitivity

Low cut filter:

Reduce the low frequency noise


Auto Gain Control, make the recording level more stable

Stereo/mono recording:

XY-Mode Recording with better direction.


Real-time adjustable play speed

Recording quality:

One click function for adjusting recording formats



Storage medium SDHC/SD/Mini SD(Adapter)/
micro SD(Adapter)/
TF card(Adapter)
Compression type MP2,MP3,PCM Samplerate 44KHz,48KHz,96KHz THD+N
(1KHz -5dBFS
<0.02%(bandwidth 22Hz~22KHz) SNR(playback 94dB
(bandwidth 20Hz~22KHz,A-weighted)
Dynamic range (Line input) >90dB MIC EIN >122dB A-weighted Freq response range 20Hz ~40KHz,+-0.5dB SNR(MIC channel) 90dB
(Mic channel+ 19dB
20Hz to 22KHz,
A weighted))

Physical Characteristics

Size 62.6 x 107 x 22mm
(W x H x D)
Operating temperature -40℃~80℃
Operating humidity 20%~80%

Inputs & Outputs

Built-in MIC filter 20Hz~40KHz/100Hz~40KHz External MIC filter 20Hz~40KHz / 100Hz~40KHz Line Max input level +17dB MIC IN 3.5 mm stereo MIC jack connector USB USB2.0 Built-in MIC Max Gain 65dB External MIC Max Gain 65dB
Headphone Max outputs 30mW(left)+30mW(right)(16Ω) LINE IN 3.5mm unbalanced stereo jack connector SD card SD v1.0/v1.1/v2.0:SD,SDHC Built-in MIC Min Gain 19dB External MIC Min Gain 19dB Built-in MIC Built-in Stereo MIC Stereo headphone 3.5 mm stereo jack connector

Power Supply

Battery 2 × “AA” dry or rechargeable batteries Power Consumption 3V, Max 120mA
(measuring condition: sandisk 2GB SDHC)
External USB miniUSB jack